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HOTWORX is a 24-hour infrared fitness studio that provides members with access to a variety of virtually instructed infrared sauna and hot yoga workouts. Experience the benefits of infrared energy and heat through a 15-minute High-Intensity Interval Training session or any of our 30-minute isometric workouts, including Hot Pilates, Hot Yoga, Hot Core, Hot Cycle, Hot Blast, and many more. Start achieving your fitness goals and experience the HOTWORX difference for yourself!
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OUR TEACHING PHILOSOPHYIf you can breath, you can do yoga. It does not matter how tall, short, big, small, flexible, young, old, in/out of shape, injured, sick, or balanced you are. We can all benefit from a yoga practice designed to meet our personal needs. Most people think they have to fit themselves into the perfect yoga posture, but at Supreme Peace Yoga and Wellness, we practice creating the yoga practice that uplifts each one of us. ABOUT USMission: Supreme Peace brings peace into your life, so you can take it out into the world. As South Louisville's only yoga studio and wellness center, we are dedicated to making yoga, massage, Tai Chi, reiki, and other healing modalities accessible to all who wish to practice.?OUR STUDENTSWe particularly enjoy working with people who are interested in practicing yoga as more than just a workout routine. We strive to create an environment where strangers who practice next to one another in yoga class can connect with one another and create friendships. It is not uncommon to hear students ask one another about and taking interest in one another's lives, offering a ride to each other after class, or just laughing together. If you are looking for a place to practice self compassion and love; connect with other caring individuals; or build strength and flexibility mentally and emotionally through yoga, come visit us!